Model United Nation

MUN (Model United Nations) is a simulation of the United Nations. MUN develops the skills of public speaking, quick thinking, active listening, research, collaboration, negotiation, diplomacy and problem solving. MUN creates confident, open minded students who are concerned about the world they live in.

The HSI MUN Club is a student led activity. At the weekly meetings students are trained in skills and strategies that can be implemented in MUN conferences. Volunteers are invited to lead club sessions thereby developing their leadership skills.

Our students participate in several local MUN conferences. Our delegates are always actively engaged in formal debate, lobbying, bloc formation, and resolution writing. Some students are invariably chosen for the night crisis, a special crisis committee that is arranged for the best delegates from all the committees in a conference. HSI always has much to celebrate at the end of every conference with many award winners.

Our munners participate in two international MUN conferences: HMUN (Harvard MUN) India and HMUN China. Some senior students have regularly served as Assistant Directors in these conferences, and have worked closely with the Directors, who are students of Harvard University. The conference in Beijing is followed by a sightseeing tour where students are exposed to local culture, architecture, and cuisine.

The main focus of the HSI MUN Club is SpringMUN, an annual inter school event. The office bearers of the HSI MUN Club work extremely hard for months to plan and market this mega event. Senior students take on the responsibility of training all the younger delegates in the school. The two day conference evokes much enthusiasm with fiercely contested debates, skillful negotiation, and unexpected crises that force delegates to frantically think on their feet.