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Message from The Managing Director

Dear Parents,

The Management at Hill Spring International School aims to promote international understanding through education and make this education relevant to the global needs of our time.

The Management team encompasses a three-fold plan at its core:

  • To provide quality education:
    The school provides tremendous opportunities for all its students, so that they receive every chance to learn and enjoy their school day. It offers a well-balanced, challenging and stimulating programme of work. It aims to equip the students with knowledge, skills and attitudes to succeed with a positive self image at any stage in their life.
  • To provide a superior infrastructure backed by a highly trained professional staff:
    The school aims to promote an all round development of the student in an environment that is stimulating and challenging. In addition to acclimatized homerooms, the school houses an array of activity zones and learning centres. The Homeroom teachers are responsible for the care of the students and are sensitive to their individual needs to ensure that they are able to benefit fully from the well-developed programme at school.
  • To promote internationalism:
    Through academics and activities within and beyond the homeroom, the school seeks to inculcate in students a respect for and appreciation of the many different cultures of the world and at the same time respect their Indian culture and values.

We hope that our students look back on learning time at Hill Spring International School as productive, beneficial and enjoyable!

Warm Wishes,
Dr. Pratibha Mirashi
Managing Director