International Students Exchange Programme

We, at NSS Hill Spring International School believe in taking learning outside the class room. Keeping this philosophy in mind, we have partnered with 3 schools in Morlaix, a small town in the Bretagne region of France. Every June 20-25 students, accompanied by 2 teachers visit France for an exchange program. The entire delegation stays with their French host families for a week.

Thereafter they head to a mountain retreat near Annecy for a short language camp. During this period the students experience outdoor activities, language classes amidst scenic mountains while living in a cottage.

The excursion in the mountains is followed by a week in Paris where the students attend language classes in the mornings and explore the city in the afternoons. Their learning is used in daily situations like ordering food at a restaurant, making purchases at a super market etc. The students are urged to converse in French all the time, even amongst themselves.

In January, it is our turn to host the French exchange students. During their 10-day stay, the French students are exposed to various cultural and academic activities like museum visits, art classes and a variety of subject- learning programs. The students also engaged in learning Indian musical instruments. We also try to incorporate a social cause like spending the morning meeting with cancer patients at Masina Hospital, thereby sensitizing their outlook towards life. The various social activities (football and swimming parties, day spend at weekend getaways like Alibaug, etc.) conducted after school hours and over the week-end, help the students to meet and interact freely; creating a feeling of oneness amongst them.

This program gives our students an opportunity to live their learning alongwith making friends for life.